Let’s Start Your Journey

Before you set out on any journey, you have to prepare, and you need a guiding trail map. Developing a thriving, profitable business is a journey. At Backcountry Digital, we fully understand marketing terrain, and we plan a detailed route for your company’s success. As your partner, we map the most efficient, comprehensive trail for your company’s growth, and we guide you along the journey to your goals.

Step One: Time to Prepare

Business Consultation

Before any journey, you pack a bag. The more precarious the trail, the more prepared you need to be. Before going, you research the best route, and you pack the gear necessary to survive and thrive in the elements. With a well-planned course and appropriate equipment, you can confidently embark on the trail and enjoy the experience.

Think of us as an outfitter for your adventure. We have the experience, and we know the best equipment for the journey. We help you sift through the extra baggage of online marketing claims. We break it down to the basics. What do you need to keep your pack light, and maximize your experience?

We do this by observing your company’s ability to grow through a comprehensive business evaluation. By using a methodical approach, we learn about your business. By asking you the right questions, we distinguish your company’s assets and strengths along with the details of your daily operations. Through research and data analysis, we realize the current state of your business and recognize the broad scope of your industry.

We are a third-party who provides an unbiased perspective of your company. During your business evaluation, we see the forest for the trees and create a comprehensive map of your company terrain. We are not involved with the day-to-day tasks, and we are not influenced by a history of emotion. We have the opportunity to observe, gather data, and show you the reality of your company’s affairs in real time. An honest viewpoint is what you need before you set out on the journey of expansion and success.

We know marketing, and we focus online. However, to determine what your company needs for a successful online marketing campaign, we need to understand where you are at; therefore, we gather data from:

  • Business plan review
  • Financial analysis
  • Internal systems analysis
  • Web hosting, emails, and domains review
  • Marketing systems
  • Team strengths assessment
  • Internal processes and workflow

Who is Your Audience?

Before you create a strategy, you need to know your clients. Marketing to the wrong audience is a waste of your time and money. Our market analysis uses data to reveal who wants your product or service. Our clients are often surprised when we look at the data together and realize their actual audience is different than they expected. This information is essential in mapping out the most direct route to increased sales and profit.

Who is Your Competition?

Not only do you need to know your audience, but you also need to know your competition. Knowing your competitors gives perspective on who else may be serving your customers. We answer some tough questions like:

  • Who are your customers comparing you to?
  • How do you stand out from your competition?
  • What do your competitors offer and at what price?

Knowing your actual competition helps determine a successful marketing campaign.

You don’t need industry experts to understand your audience and competition; instead, you need expert analysts. We know where to find data, and we gather facts to determine where you stand in your industry. Online marketing has everything to do with tracking results. We know how to access this information, and we use it to develop your growth strategy.

Step Two: Plan the Route and Make the Map

Strategic Plan

Before setting out on any journey, you need to ask yourself, “ Am I ready for the challenge?” Packing a backpack and setting out into the wilderness is not an easy task. Even with all the right equipment, you must be motivated to climb the trail and work for success. You need to be mentally and emotionally ready. For those who take on the challenge, the rewards at the summit are life-changing.

Growing a business is an adventure.  We can point out all the right tools for business growth, but you honestly need to WANT to take on the challenge. Our clients who are ready are rewarded as they reach peak after peak of growth and profits. The journey is not always easy, but the rewards are great.

Where Are You Headed? – Vision, Mission, and Goals

Aligning your company’s leadership and teams with a shared vision and mission is an essential first step in strategic planning. Everyone needs to know the direction your company is headed while you climb to the summit together. Your team needs to know your company goals so that everyone can follow a clear map to your destination.

We help you set company goals that reflect your vision, desired growth, and priorities. Together, we:

  • Transform ideas to vision and mission statements
  • Set goals for increased profits
  • Understand client experience and needs
  • Create cohesive internal team experiences

Are You Ready? – Internal Systems

We help build your company infrastructure to support growth. We connect the dots on the trail to success. We work with you to develop a strategy that reflects your budget and maximizes your assets. Taking time to strategize and set up new systems clarifies the trail route and the best way to increase profits.

We are experts in e-commerce and online marketing. Preparing systems before you start makes the trail to success so much smoother. Following our technology strategy, we review internal systems before you set out on the marketing journey. Internal systems include:

  • Website platforms
  • Online accounts
  • CRMs
  • Accounting
  • Payment processors
  • Order management software
  • Business email accounts
  • Social media accounts
  • Merchant accounts
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Design and user experience
  • Content calendars
  • Email marketing software
  • Lead routing

Not only do we set up your accounts and systems, but we also make sure they are all owned and controlled by your company’s team. This sets us apart from other marketing companies because even though we build it, all ownership of accounts remains with you.

Charting the Course – Online Marketing Strategy

Once we have collected all this information, we develop your marketing strategy – a unique trail map for your company. There is no reason you should be wandering in the forest trying to understand which way to go with your online marketing. We determine the most effective marketing channels to accomplish your goals while making sure your marketing integrates seamlessly with all aspects of your business. The map is detailed, and the trail is clear.

Our marketing strategy develops the front-end of your online presence by marketing across multiple channels and promoting excellent customer experience.  Front-end marketing focuses on:

Multiple Marketing Channels

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Paid Post Engagement (PPE)
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Sponsorships, Brand Ambassadors, Social Influencers
  • Affiliate Programs

Customer Experience

  • User experience
  • Customer service
  • Product information and reviews

We also take time to prepare the back-end of your online presence because this supports your company’s increased production. Our ongoing evaluation of systems and analytics allows us to track performance and goal achievement. Key back-end areas include:

E-Commerce Platform

  • Software selection
  • Multiple devices
  • Online store design
  • Policy reviews

Inventory and Distribution

  • Inventory and warehousing
  • Order managment
  • Pricing
  • Shipping systems

With a strategy map in your hands, you are ready to set out. Now is the time to implement and integrate all your company systems.

Step Three: Hit the Trail – Time to Go!


When it’s time to hit the trail, you are ready because we prepare you for the journey. We provide you with training so that you understand the process. Following the mapped strategy helps everyone stay on task and helps avoid distractions that may take us off course. Implementation is the “go” time. You are well prepared, and now it is time to go after your goals!

You Have the Map AND the Training – Marketing Implementation

Experienced backpackers know they need a map, but they also physically train for a trip. Most marketing firms can get a map in your hands, but then you are on your own. We develop a marketing strategy and train key team members. We take time to educate and keep everyone focused on HOW you get to your goals. We are partners on this journey; therefore, we are successful only if your business is advancing.

Great Adventures Take More Than a Day – Data-driven and Performance Marketing Solutions

Like any great adventure, we don’t complete the journey in one day. It takes time, and every step is part of the experience. During implementation, we follow a timeline that builds within multiple channel marketing. Gaining an audience and converting to customers is a marathon, not a sprint. We are keenly aware that correct timing is essential. We measure data and analytics and continually evaluate to keep you on course to your goals.

Implementing a digital marketing campaign is best executed in phases, just like we can only cover a few miles of the trek per day. There are moments when the journey to success is bogged down by setbacks or wrong turns, and this is when we refocus on the strategy and end goals. Staying the course can be a challenge. We set you up with the analytic tools to keep you moving forward.

Embrace Change and Learn Along the Way  – Analytics Integration and Evaluation

Even the most prepared adventurer knows the trail can be unpredictable and wrought with unforeseen obstacles. Sometimes you need to make slight course adjustments along the way. Adaptability and flexibility are skills learned by seasoned travelers. Enjoying the route can occasionally be difficult – especially on the days of uphill climbs in biting wind and rain! Embracing the daily challenges allows you to grow and learn while making your business stronger. Referring to our map and remembering the end goals are crucial.

We rely on analytics and data to help us tweak the route. Online marketing data presents an accurate history and gives us factual information for decision-making. Since we take this journey with you, our data analysis helps determine tiny adjustments along the way. We may find that you are slightly off course, but we have tools in place to gather data and clarify the route. We analyze data, but we don’t get lost in the details. In the end, we stay true to your goals so that you get to your destination as directly as possible.

You Are Ready – Let’s Start Your Journey!

Achieving your end goal of success is our goal. Evaluation, preparation, strategizing, and action are part of the trail terrain. When out on the trail, hiking every day, you experience moments of exhaustion. Your company’s journey to success can be daunting at moments, however, with Backcountry Digital as your partner; your business can continue to move forward. Understanding that any adventure is a process keeps us focused on your vision. Ultimately, we want your company to reach the summit of your goals and operate at peak performance.

We invite you to embark on a journey of adventure, growth, and success!




You always have to start somewhere. Our Backcountry Digital team of experts will scale our efforts to align with your business and goals. We have worked with a variety of businesses, from startups to $200M/year corporations, while always focusing on eCommerce and digital marketing. Together, we can accomplish what you need and build a process for it. We will assist in training your staff and sorting through systems while maintaining the integrity of your unique business.


Helping review your business model is a key element before starting with any of our efforts.

  • Analytics overview

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Web hosting, emails, and domains

  • Ideal client profiling

  • Systems review


Let us go on this journey with you, working with you day-to-day while helping you scale.

  • SEO

  • Pay Per Click

  • Multi Channel eCommerce

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Advertising


Support and training keeps you and your team current on basics plus new trends / strategies.

  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • eCommerce Best Practices

  • Defining markets

  • How To…

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