Selecting someone to hire for your Social Media

Selecting someone to hire for your Social Media

Selecting someone to launch you into the world of social media can be a little tough these days. Separating people from casual users and professionals can be hard. So here are some tips when you’re looking to work with someone to help your company, brand, business, or organization.

If you’re serious about getting off to a quality start then you will get some good tips here. There are millions and millions of people that use social media every day. A lot of businesses and startups see the value of social media, but don’t know how to get started. If you have never setup anything in social media strategically for a business before I would highly recommend asking someone who has first to help you avoid miss-steps. Before you shell out the cash for someone to help you get going ask yourself these questions.

  1. How long has this person been using social media?
  2. How many social networks do they use?
  3. What have they setup anything strategically before?
  4. What does their social media communities look like?
  5. Do they know how web/ social analytics affect strategies?
  6. Do you get along with them?

Today more and more fully fledged marketing companies offer social media campaigns but very few have their own quality community following. It’s much more than just setting things up in place anyone with a little time can figure out setting up a fan page or twitter account. That’s only a fraction of what effective social media marketing means. It’s all about how your setup and how you engage with your users. You can have some of the most dazzling looking accounts and imagery, but if no one interacts with you and through you it’s still of no use. You can get a ton of value by going to 5 plus social networks and register your own personal accounts and see how people interact and operate. Then be creative and write down how people would interact with you and run that by the person you operate with.

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