Social Media and Images

Social Media and Images

As online marketing and social media become serious business in Minnesota and across the country so does the never ending quest for images. Images play a very important part of many campaigns whether it is for your website, social accounts, or just ideas to work off to develop graphics.

With that there is also becoming a big business of Copy right infringement which adds up in hurry if someone pursues you. Sure it’s easy to right click and copy this and that image from multiple places but beware those few clicks in the long run could turn out to be very expensive.

Just do a Google search for image copyright lawsuits and you will start to see in hurry that you’re headed down the wrong path. It seems harmless at first but be prepared to answer some questions if your site really starts to draw attention.

Public domain images are also on the rise. Sure you might have, a little less selection, take more time to find, and not the best quality. Let me ask you this most web graphics are simple and small in size anyhow. Here are some great resources to help you with your image search to enhance your campaigns.

Last and final thought when you use photos and images in your social campaigns. Make sure you take advantages of photo tagging. If you sprinkle a little strategy in you can easily create a huge passive influence. You can tag up to 50 people in 1 photo. Let’s say you tag 20 people with 500 friends or more that is a 10,000 person influence, so include your links in the photo captions!

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